Why you should talk to your teenager about underage drinking

| Jul 5, 2021 | DWI/DUI

There are many reasons to talk to your teenager about underage drinking and the potential consequences. Not only are there personal consequences someone might face because of a bad decision made while intoxicated, but there are also strict legal consequences for underage drinking in the state of Louisiana.

What is an underage DUI?

In the state of Louisiana, your teenager can face a DUI charge for driving with a BAC level of 0.02 or higher. That is essentially one drink. You should have a zero-tolerance policy with your teen and tell them to call you or someone in the family for a ride, even if they have only had one drink. Never drive after any alcohol consumption.

Penalties for an underage DUI includes up to three months in jail, fines up to $250, community service, and mandatory license suspension.

Can my teenager lose their driver’s license for alcohol-related offenses that do not involve driving?

You and your teenager must understand, that in the State of Louisiana, a teen’s driver’s license can face suspension, revocation or even denial if the teen is convicted of an underage drinking charge. This suspension of driving privileges can occur even if the offense had nothing to do with driving and even if it took place nowhere near a vehicle.

What crimes are included under this provision?

The crimes of underage purchase, underage possession, and underage consumption can all result in a suspension of driving privileges. The minimum sentence for one of these offenses is a driver’s license suspension/revocation of 90 days in addition to other punishments that the court mandates. The maximum sentence for one of the above-mentioned offenses is a license suspension/revocation of 365 days on top of all other punishments mandated by the court. 

You should always speak to your teenagers about underage consumption and the consequences that they could face for breaking the law. If you and your teenager are facing a charge of underage consumption or underage DUI, you should always legally protect yourselves.