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Criminal Defense & Drug Crimes Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

If you’ve been accused of a crime, turn to a seasoned defender who will work with you, not just for you. I strive to stand by my clients, not only as their smart advocate, but as their supportive partner, too.

Broocks Greer


Before discovering my passion for criminal defense, I practiced in a wide range of legal areas, including bankruptcy, employment law, securities fraud, and more. Each of these experiences shaped me into the attorney I am today and led me to my true passion: helping people secure the second chances they deserve. I’ve spent more than five decades in the courtroom, giving me the skills and knowledge necessary to fight for your rights if you’ve been charged with a drug crime, sex crime, DUI, white-collar crime, or another offense. Schedule a free consultation with me in Shreveport, Louisiana, to get the representation you need in your pursuit of justice.


A drug-related charge
can derail your future.
Start fighting for the
outcome you deserve.

I’m ready to build a defense plan tailored to your goals.

If you’re facing a possible conviction for a drug crime, your personal relationships, professional reputation, and freedom all hang in the balance. When so much is at stake, turn to my firm, Broocks Greer, Attorney at Law, LLC, for the determined advocacy you deserve. Together, we can strive to ensure that your rights are protected and your future is preserved. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today to take action.

Results That Speak For Themselves

My proven track record of success exemplifies my commitment to my clients. For more than a decade, I have been securing favorable outcomes for accused individuals in Shreveport, Minden, Alexandria, Monroe, and Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.


Proudly Representing the Accused in the Shreveport-Bossier Area

A criminal conviction has the potential to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Your entire life—from your education to your career to your personal relationships—could be permanently altered once you have a criminal record. Don’t let your future be threatened. Let me provide the fierce legal representation you need as you strive to clear your name and prove your innocence. Together, we can seek justice and a path forward, no matter what charges you're up against.

Determination is the key to success. Fighting back against criminal charges is not an easy path to take, and it will be filled with obstacles and challenges. However, I don’t give up when things get hard. In the face of adversity, I am fearless, dedicated, and focused on getting results.

Criminal Defense Is What I Do Best.

I understand criminal law like the back of my hand, and I know how to navigate it with finesse. No matter what you’ve been accused of, from assault and battery to bank robbery, illegal use of firearms, or a federal crime, put my extensive knowledge and litigation experience on your side in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Let’s Work Together on a Plan of Action.

Time is of the essence if you’ve been charged with a crime. Schedule a free initial consultation with my firm, Broocks Greer, Attorney at Law, LLC, to start formulating a smart defense strategy today. I serve those in Minden, Alexandria, Monroe, Natchitoches Parish, and the surrounding areas.

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