Illegal Search & Seizure Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

Search and seizure matters arise frequently in criminal cases, and in particular with drug crimes. There are specific laws in Louisiana about probable cause for the search, as well as what tools can be used in searching a vehicle or home.

My name is Broocks Greer, and I am a highly experienced Shreveport illegal search and seizure attorney who has a proven track record advocating for people in Louisiana facing drug charges, including both misdemeanor and felony offenses.

I am solutions-oriented and focused on reaching positive results for my clients. I know that without diligent representation, my clients face the possibility of dealing with the maximum amount of punishments for the charges they are facing.

Staying on the Forefront of Illegal Search & Seizure Issues

Most search and seizure issues involve vehicle stops and how the search is conducted. In Louisiana, law enforcement has the right to ask you to get out of your vehicle. This does not mean that you have to allow a search of your vehicle, even if you are asked. You have the right to refuse a search until law enforcement has a warrant.

It is important that your lawyer understands search and seizure law, and how this affects your case. I am highly familiar with the legal issues that arise and have particular experience defending clients using illegal search and seizure as an effective defense. Throughout my 40 years of practice, I have gained invaluable insight that can be used in the courtroom and make it a priority to stay up to date with the law.

Experienced Lawyer for Issues Involving Probable Cause in Bossier City & Throughout Louisiana

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