Drug Manufacturing & Distribution Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

Felony drug charges have significant consequences in Louisiana, and without the help of an experienced lawyer, you will put your future in jeopardy. With diligent, aggressive legal counsel you have a much better chance of reaching a positive outcome for your case and will minimize the negative impact of your situation.

At Broocks Greer, Attorney at Law, LLC, I advocate for my clients and work to reach the best results, regardless of the level of complexity in the situation. I understand the consequences that felony drug charges can have and will take initiative in defending your rights.

The benefit of working with me is my in-depth knowledge of the law that I have obtained over the past 40 years that I have been practicing law. I draw upon years of experience in the courtroom and a proven track record in criminal law. You can trust that I will use all available resources to help your case.

Felony Manufacturing & Distribution Charges in Louisiana

If you are convicted of a felony offense, you could spend time in prison and have a permanent mark on your criminal record. The severity of the charges may depend on the amount of drug with which you are charged, and it is important your lawyer takes initiative when building your defense. I take a proactive approach to work with my clients and take time to explain the various legal strategies we can pursue for your case.

Search & Seizure

Felony drug charges often involve a lot of challenging issues, including issues involving illegal search and seizure. As an experienced Shreveport drug manufacturing defense attorney, I am familiar with the constitutional issues involving the search and seizure of the drug, and how this affects charges. I will use this knowledge to your advantage in your case.

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