Why Would Your Stepchild Falsely Accuse You of Sexual Abuse?

Being a stepparent can be very rewarding — or exceptionally challenging — dependent upon many different factors. A younger child may resent the attention that their parent gives to you and become a wedge between you and your spouse.

A pre-teen or teenager, on the other hand, may have gotten used to lax discipline or nonexistent rules in the home when it was just them and their single parent. They may highly resent any attempts made by the stepparent to establish rules and maintain order in the home. This can potentially set up a dangerous dynamic between the stepchild and their stepparent.

An Easy Way to Remove the Stepparent from The Home

Some teens find that the solution to their perceived problem is to find a way to get the stepparent out of the home — permanently. One way to achieve that result is to accuse their stepparent of sexual abuse.

While allegations of physical abuse might be bolstered by bruises, scars and other visible evidence, sexual abuse allegations typically require far less proof, especially if the teen is already sexually active with consensual partners. But making those accusations alone is enough to remove the abuser from the home they share with their alleged teen “victim.”

Allegations Alone Carry Heavyweight

Even if you are eventually exonerated of any wrongdoing, by that time you may have lost your job, your good reputation and standing in the community and your marriage may be in shambles. That’s a heavy price to pay for simply trying to be a good influence on a wayward teen or adolescent.

Turn the Tide Early on False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

The earlier you start building a stalwart defense against the allegations against you, the better your chances will be for a positive outcome. Your North Louisiana criminal defense attorney is your best resource for fighting any charges that arise from these untrue allegations.

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